About Easitronics

Easitronics is an electronic component supplier and a service provider with its offices in Phoenix, USA and China. We specialize in standard and custom RF/microwave products, offshore technical development, and contract manufacturing. Our products are widely used in telecommunications, aerospace, industrial control, medical devices, consumer electronics and computer industries. We have served various customers from North America, Europe and Asia.

High quality

Our offshore manufacturing facility is ISO9001 certified and capable to design and manufacture high quality PCB and RF products, meets MIL and IPC specifications and UL approved.

Low cost

Our prices are typically only a fraction of what our competitors charge. Even better, within 30 days of your purchase from us, if you find a lower price for the same or similar products from our competitors in the markets of North America, we will refund the difference plus additional 10% of that price to you immediately.

Superior Services

Our experienced engineers, located in US and China, will work closely with you day and night. Our manufacturing is flexible as to meet your needs for prototype, pre-production, and mass production. We deliver products on time. Small orders are shipped directly to customers from our offices in China without any delay.